THE REAL? SHOW is an avant-garde radio show  hosted by Cristiano Feleppa Grimaldi in New York. 
The show is influenced by the Theatre of Cruelty of Antonin Artaud as a revolt against meaning and language.
The approach destroys the standard rules  with the intent to free the disc jockey by the tecnique and the genres: a trascendendal experience that wakes up nerves and hearts of the audience.
It started with 8 episodes at The Lot Radio in Brooklyn  during the winter of 2016 on Saturday night from 10pm to midnight.
Extra special episodes were  recorded live at the legendary Tim Sweeney’s  Beats in Space (WNYU)  and  Dublab Radio in Los Angeles in 2018.
In 2019, THE REAL? SHOW evolved into DJ REAL a new format  to invoke the  abandonment  of the senses and the cult of the absence.

For Questions and Concerns, contact Cristiano Feleppa Grimaldi